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Welcome to Journey to Valbona,

since 2010 the best (and sometimes only) source of information for travel to the ‘wild’ (but very civilized) North of Albania.  When we started, we were only trying to provide a little helpful information with a wordpress blog, as information was so hard to find . . . but there were so many people, and so many questions!  In the past 7 years, somehow JtoV grew enormous (and really messy!  I just kept tacking on pages!).  We’ve helped literally 1,000s of guests and new friends connect with guesthouses, hiking trail information, and transportation but somehow also ended up getting mixed up in actively trying to help develop the services and business we saw that guests wanted, and helping to create new businesses and opportunities for local people.  That’s how we ended up marking, mapping and maintaining over 200km of hiking trails.  How we somehow became responsible for leading the legal battle against the bad hydropower developments that threatened the National Park, and started training Albania’s first Mountain Rescue Team . . . then there’s the library at the school.

ANYHOW:  The point is that the whole website got so messy, that we finally had to upgrade and reorganize.  We hope you like the new site (and don’t find any less personal or authentic).  Please do feel free to get in touch directly!  We love talking about Valbona, Albania, and take a sincere interest in other people’s holidays!

Get Inspired

The “Classic” Valbona to Theth Hike
Valbona, Accursed Mountains, Rrogam


The 8 Day* “Peaks of Valbona (N)” Tour
Valbona, Accursed Mountains, Dragobi, Rrogam, Çerem, Quku i Valbonës, Kukaj


Latest from the Journal

The House in Dojan

Today was the eighth day in a string of oddly perfect days.  Even the weather has been ‘perfect’ – if you don’t mind climate change.  Warm in the sun outside, just a jacket.  Sitting on a blanket on the ‘shpati’ or hill-bank next to my house, with the sheep grazing around me, eyeing the ever-increasing […]

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Valbona with Young Children?

I mean, it isn’t compulsory to drag them up mountains, is it?  If you spend a day or two in Valbona first, you can always get a sense of how the kids are doing against some comparable-to-Theth hikes (but don’t leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere if they melt down).  In general, I think […]

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A Very Good Question! Where to Stay to Avoid the Hordes?

Dear Catherine,   I was looking for information about Albania when I stumbled upon your sweet and inviting website. We are thinking of visiting Albania in August, and we might want your help in planning our trip. But first and foremost I would like to know: how busy is the Valbona valley in August? I […]

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European Wilderness Society

Wilderness in Albania in peril! “A short glimpse from the outside can create a feeling that finally at least in this country a large piece of real European wilderness can be secured. Several protected areas have been established in the past years to create conditions for longterm protection of biodiversity and natural values of this country. […]

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We visited in 2014 . . . .

Just as I was thinking I’d better put more cheerful stuff on here, an email arrived from “Niki and Martin”! “We visited Valbone in October 2014 and had Rilindja all to ourselves one rainy day, at the end of which we chatted to you both while the thunder rumbled around the mountains and the lights […]

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It’s winter. And days are long and slow and boring, and silent. And sliced up by sudden changes between sloth and imperatives. When the wind blows, and the snow falls, and various natural things howl, the electricity is prone or likely to go out. In which case, at which time, a small wood stove is […]

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